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Tennessee Thomas, born Tennessee Jane Bunny Thomas on December 17, 1984 (aged 28) to Pete and Judy Thomas, is a British-born American drummer. Tennessee is a founding member of The Like.

  • Tennessee’s twitter
  • is 5’8” (173 cm) tall
  • is a dj as well as a drummer
  • starred in Scott Pilgrim VS The World, as Lynette Guycott, drummer for The Clash at Demonhead
  • graduated from high school in 2002
  • formed The Like with Z Berg and original member, Charlotte Froom, in September of 2001
  • lives in California, New York, and London
  • took piano classes when she was a child, before wanting to play guitar, and then finally settling on the drums
  • her father, Pete, is longtime drummer for Elvis Costello
  • appeared in Elvis Costello’s album, Momofuku in 2008. She played on 4 tracks along with her father

more to come…